Entebbe Zoo, also known as the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC), is a captivating wildlife sanctuary and educational facility located in the picturesque town of Entebbe, Uganda. At Entebbe Zoo, visitors have the unique opportunity to observe and learn about a diverse array of native animal species from Uganda and the surrounding region.

From majestic lions and graceful giraffes to playful chimpanzees and colorful birds, the zoo is home to an impressive collection of wildlife. Visitors can marvel at the sinuous movement of pythons and cobras, discover the ancient wisdom of the gentle giant tortoises, and witness the stealth and beauty of leopards as they prowl through their naturalistic habitats.

As an essential hub for wildlife conservation, education, and research, both locals and tourists alike can engage in enriching experiences while supporting the vital efforts to protect and preserve the remarkable biodiversity of the area. Entebbe Zoo provides a safe haven for these magnificent creatures, allowing them to thrive and inspire awe in all who have the privilege of witnessing their splendor up close.



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