Day 1: Arrival and Lake Mburo National Park
Begin your adventure as you touch down at Entebbe International Airport. Our expert guides from Ruki Safaris will warmly welcome you to the Pearl of Africa. Journey to Lake Mburo National Park, where an evening game drive awaits, offering encounters with zebras, giraffes, Uganda kobs, and other captivating wildlife. Accommodation: Lodge/Hotel in Lake Mburo National Park

Day 2: Queen Elizabeth National Park – Boat Cruise & Game Drive
Embark on a scenic drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park, set against the majestic Rwenzori Mountains. Experience the thrill of a boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel, spotting elephants, buffalo, hippos, crocodiles, and a plethora of birds. Later, a rewarding evening game drive beckons, with chances to encounter lions, leopards, and other wildlife. Accommodation: Lodge/Hotel in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Day 3: Ishaasha Sector & Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
Venture to the Ishaasha sector for a glimpse of the legendary tree-climbing lions before journeying to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Prepare for an awe-inspiring gorilla trekking experience in this UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to the endangered mountain gorillas. Accommodation: Lodge/Hotel in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Day 4: Gorilla Encounter & Lake Bunyonyi
Emerge from the dense forest, hearts filled with wonder after meeting the gentle giants of the mountains. We head to Lake Bunyonyi, the “Switzerland of Africa.” Gaze upon the breathtaking beauty of this deep lake, and its terraced islands, and visit the historic Punishment Island. Accommodation: Lodge/Hotel at Lake Bunyonyi

Day 5: Return to Kampala & Farewell
Bid farewell to the captivating wilderness as we journey back to Kampala. En route, stop at the Equator for memorable photos and a glimpse of the Ankole long-horned cattle. Finally, we reach Entebbe International Airport, where your unforgettable journey comes to a close. Carry with you cherished memories of Uganda’s wild beauty, courtesy of Ruki Safaris.

Discover the Wonders of Uganda with a 15-Day Safari Adventure

Unravel the Hidden Gems of Uganda – An Exhilarating 15-Day Journey

Welcome to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa! Embark on a mesmerizing 15-day expedition to discover the untamed beauty of Uganda. Immerse yourself in a world of awe-inspiring landscapes, diverse wildlife, and captivating cultures. Let Ruki Safaris take you on an unforgettable adventure that will leave you in awe of the wonders of this enchanting country.

Day 1: Arrival at Entebbe International Airport

Upon landing at Entebbe International Airport, our warm-hearted Ruki Safaris guide/driver will extend a delightful welcome. You’ll be transferred to your handpicked accommodation in Entebbe or Kampala to unwind and prepare for the thrilling journey ahead.

Day 2: Explore Lake Victoria and Mabamba Shoebill Sanctuary

Start your day with a hearty welcome breakfast and set off for a bird-watching escapade at Mabamba on the serene shores of Lake Victoria. Here, you’ll have the rare opportunity to spot the elusive shoebill, along with a plethora of precious bird species. Afterward, delve into Kampala’s rich history, visiting landmarks like the Kasubi Tombs and Namugongo Shrines. Prepare for the adventure that awaits in Murchison Falls National Park.

Day 3: Rhino Trekking and the Majestic Murchison Falls

Embark on an exhilarating journey to Murchison Falls National Park, making a thrilling stop at Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary for an up-close encounter with these magnificent creatures. The heart-pounding experience of trekking with the rhinos will stay with you forever. Then, marvel at the top of the mighty Murchison Falls, where the Nile dramatically forces its way through a narrow gorge.

Day 4: Morning Game Drive and Afternoon Boat Cruise

Wake up to a wild morning game drive through the vast savannas of Murchison Falls. Witness lions, giraffes, buffaloes, and an array of wildlife in their natural habitat. After lunch, embark on a breathtaking boat cruise along the Nile, where you’ll be captivated by the sight of elephants, hippos, and Nile crocodiles. Your journey to the bottom of the falls is a memorable experience, where the roaring water will leave you awe-inspired.

Day 5: Journey to the Primate Capital – Kibale National Park

Bid farewell to Murchison Falls and set out on a scenic drive to Kibale National Park, the ultimate primate paradise of East Africa. Prepare for an encounter with the lively chimpanzees in their natural habitat. Kibale’s lush rainforest is teeming with an array of primates, providing an unforgettable experience.

Day 6: Chimpanzee Trekking/Habituation and Cultural Discovery

Dedicate this day to an incredible chimpanzee trekking or habituation experience. Join the Kibale Research team on their daily activities with the chimps, offering you an intimate glimpse into their captivating world. Later, immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the Batwa pygmies, who have lived in these forests for generations.

Day 7: Serene Wilderness of Queen Elizabeth National Park

Begin your journey to Queen Elizabeth National Park, a sanctuary nestled near the majestic Rwenzori Mountains. Relish the thrill of encountering the park’s diverse wildlife and be spellbound by the stunning landscapes.

Day 8: Morning Game Drive and Afternoon Boat Cruise

Dive into a mesmerizing morning game drive, where you’ll witness the iconic African wildlife in all its glory. In the afternoon, cruise along the Kazinga Channel, offering you an unparalleled opportunity to view wildlife at the water’s edge.

Day 9: Unveil the Secrets of Ishaasha

Venture to the Ishaasha sector, the southern treasure of Queen Elizabeth, famed for its elusive tree-climbing lions. Capture the awe-inspiring sight of these majestic creatures perched atop the ancient fig trees.

Day 10: Unforgettable Gorilla Trekking at Bwindi

Embark on a thrilling journey to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for the most extraordinary encounter with the endangered mountain gorillas. Trek through dense rainforests to be in the presence of these gentle giants. The experience is nothing short of life-changing.

Day 11: Marvel at the Stunning Lake Bunyonyi

Relax and bask in the serene beauty of Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda’s deepest lake. Explore the 29 terraced islands, take a dip in the refreshing waters, and discover the captivating history of Punishment Island.

Day 12: Discover the Breathtaking Lake Mburo

Set off on an expedition to Lake Mburo National Park, a picturesque haven abundant with wildlife. Enjoy a nature walk, encounter hyenas returning to their dens, and witness the stunning beauty of the nine surrounding lakes.

Day 13: Cultural Encounter and Return to Kampala

Embrace the cultural charm as you visit the Banyankore cattle keepers and experience their traditional way of life. Then, journey back to Kampala, reminiscing about the unforgettable memories made.

Day 14: The Nile Adventure in Jinja

Venture to Jinja, the source of the Nile River, and enjoy a boat ride where the Nile begins its epic journey. For the thrill-seekers, white water rafting awaits for an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Day 15: Bid Farewell with Cherished Memories

Your extraordinary 15-day journey comes to an end. Reflect on the incredible experiences you’ve had as you return to Entebbe International Airport for your departure. Carry the cherished memories of Uganda’s wonders and the warm hospitality of Ruki Safaris in your heart forever. Safe travels, until we meet again!

6-Day Uganda Wildlife Safari Experience

Embark on a thrilling safari adventure through Uganda’s most breathtaking national parks with Ruki Safaris. Witness stunning wildlife up close, including majestic elephants, elusive leopards, and mighty lions, as well as a myriad of bird species in their natural habitats. Experience the authentic culture of Uganda as you interact with local communities and immerse yourself in their daily way of life. With expert guides and comfortable accommodations, this safari tour is the perfect way to explore the wild beauty of Uganda in just a few short but unforgettable days



1: Arrival in Entebbe:

Upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport, you will be met by a representative from Ruki Safaris who will transfer you to your hotel in Entebbe for check-in and an overnight stay.

Day 2: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park:

After breakfast, we will depart for Queen Elizabeth National Park. Along the way, we will stop at the Equator for a photo opportunity and to learn more about this important landmark. We will arrive in Queen Elizabeth National Park in time for an evening game drive to see elephants, lions, buffaloes, and other wildlife. We will then return to our lodge for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 3: Game Drive and Boat Safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park

We will wake up early for a morning game drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park, where we will have the opportunity to see more wildlife such as antelopes, hyenas, and leopards. In the afternoon, we will take a boat safari on the Kazinga Channel to see hippos, crocodiles, and many species of birds. We will then return to our lodge for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 4: Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale Forest

After breakfast, we will drive to Kibale Forest for a chimpanzee trekking experience. This is a great opportunity to see our closest relatives in the wild. We will also see other primates such as monkeys and baboons. In the afternoon, we will visit the Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary for a nature walk before returning to our lodge for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 5: Nature Walk in Maramagambo Forest

After breakfast, we will take a nature walk in Maramagambo Forest, where we will have the chance to see various bird species, primates, and butterflies. We will also visit the bat caves and see Blue Lake. In the afternoon, we will return to our lodge for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 6: Departure After breakfast,

We will depart for Entebbe International Airport, marking the end of our 6-day Uganda wildlife safari.

Note: This itinerary can be customized to suit your interests and preferences.